COVID-19 and Domestic Violence

The author of this article, Wint Thu, expressed how much many domestic violence were likely to be occurred during COVID-19 period. Firstly, she discussed what is domestic violence regardless of gender and age especially during the outbreak period. Secondly, the reasons behind the domestic violence were also talked through examples across the world specifically around the ASIA and Myanmar.

Remarkable words that she mentioned is “One out of five women was suffered from domestic violence by their husbands. Recent COVID-19 period, women and children were likely to be suffered from domestic violence more than usual since they have to stay much more longer time in the house.”

Then, she concluded the broad discussion with recommendations over actions for domestic violence with useful information. This article was interested for its in-depth research, analysis and practical recommendations.

Article link is :အချိန်ကာလနှင့်-အိမ်တွင/

COVID 19 အချိန်ကာလနှင့်…

Posted by Sandhi Governance Institute on Monday, June 15, 2020