China-Myanmar Border Trade issues with COVID-19

The author of this article, May Poe Thu, described the situation of China-Myanmar Border trade issues during and before COVID-19. In this article, it included the importance of China-Myanmar Border Trade in Myanmar, decrease export trade, trade losses during COVID, institutional efforts to recover the lossess and general analysis.

Remarkable analysis is that “Border trade is unstable due to unstable Chinese market and the changing Chinese policy.”

In conclusion, this article gave recommendations to both governments and responsible institutions such as suggest to reconsider Myanmar border trade policy.တရုတ်-မြန်မာနယ်စပ်ကုန်သ/

◾ တရုတ်-မြန်မာနယ်စပ်ကုန်သွယ်ရေးအခက်အခဲနှင့်…

Posted by Sandhi Governance Institute on Wednesday, July 1, 2020