Political Leadership Training
Political Leadership Training Program aims to nurture the potential leaders from political parties and Civil Society Organizations and to be able to provide effective leadership when they are involved in governance, legislative and policy making process. Political Leadership Training Program is the total two months divided in to four times intensive training program organized in Yangon. The participants have to pass rigorous screening process and participants are from the different States and Regions in Myanmar.
The research component is a significant component of PL program as it will contribute to participatory and evidence-based policy making in Myanmar. Participants have to conduct data collection, data analysis and writing report with the support of Sandhi research director.


Research program aims to promote evidence-based policy making in Myanmar. In this respect, participants of Political Leadership training have to learn social research skills training and as a practical work they have to collect data in their respective townships, conduct data analysis and writing research report.

Moreover, Sandhi conducts research in cooperation with Seoul-based East Asia Institute (EAI) since 2015. The purpose of this program is to strengthen the institutional and research capacities of nascent think tanks in Myanmar so that new and innovative policies and ideas can be developed to support the democratic transition of Myanmar. In addition, Sandhi also collaborated with The Asia Foundation to conduct pilot public procurement research in one state and two regions in Myanmar and produced research report.