Sandhi Governance Institute

Sandhi was founded by two master in public policy graduates in 2008 with the purpose of nurturing capable leadership in political parties and civil society organizations. Sandhi’s vision is to create a society where social justice and democratic governance prevails. Until now, Sandhi’s vision and mission are not much different from its past ones. It holds the vision of creating just, democratic and open society and its mission is promoting democratic governance in Myanmar. In relation to its vision and mission, Sandhi’s main objectives focus on enhancing capacity of main political parties, increasing transparency and accountability in public sector and strengthening participation of all key stakeholders in public affairs and major investments.

Sandhi’s main programs include training, public-private partnership (PPP) and research program. Under training program, Sandhi is implementing 2-week (4 times) political leadership training for political parties and advocacy CSOs and short-term governance, public policy and leadership trainings. PPP program will provide trainings to relevant parliamentary committees, civil servants from implementing ministries and private sector for responsible investments, facilitating public-private dialogue for transparency and monitoring new PPP projects particularly BRI related ones. Under research program, Sandhi implemented public procurement research in 1 state and 2 regions (6 townships) in cooperation with The Asia Foundation from 2018 Dec to 2019 February. Sandhi has also published social research reports and data for those reports were collected by Sandhi’s political leadership training participants.