2nd PPP monitoring in Myanmar: The Myitkyina Economic Development Zone Project

Case Study of Myitkyina Economic Development Zone Project

November 2019

This is the second quarterly report for PPP Monitoring Report about MEDZ Project (Myitkyina Economic Development Zone) that is the case study for PPP issue related China investment in Myanmar.

Sandhi Governance Institute (SGI) focus on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) issues of Public Infrastructure Projects and political economic areas related foreign investment. This report examined on five risk factors of PPP form of the MEDZ that including (1) development and construction risk, (2) operation and maintenance risk, (3) financial and economic risk, (4) legal regulatory and environmental risk and (5) political risk.

Sandhi’s main objective focus on increasing transparency and accountability in the public sector and strengthening participation of all key stakeholders in public affairs and major investment.

The Center of International Private Enterprise (CIPE) supported on this MEDZ Project monitoring activities.

Sandhi Governance Institute

MEDZ Project Monitoring Report (English) : Download link as below